Thursday, April 12, 2012

Score 1 for the Little Guy (or Lady in This Case)

Today, I received a call from the insurance company stating that my request was approved.  Some folks out there actually care :)

Yes, it is true that doing your homework and being diligent can really prove to be beneficial.  I had requested to continue purchasing my Levoxyl via the local pharmacy rather than through the mail.  The importance was clearly made in the letter from my physician and other supporting documents.  I was initially denied the request and had appealed the decision.  After 3 months, the insurance company has acknowledged the need.  

Whether or not they approved the request was not the issue so much as the need to maintain the requirements of the medication.  The manufacturer stated the temperature requirements clearly on the informational documents.  My oncologist added in his letter that the medicine cannot have the fluctuation that would even soften a chocolate bar.  The sensitive nature of the temperature was valid.  I am so very pleased that I will not have to pay the full price for the medication again, just to make sure the medicine has not been effected by any variation of temp through the mail order service which the insurance company had implemented for maintenance medications :)

I have nothing against the post office or the mail order pharmacy (I will receive other prescriptions through this method), this is simply a matter of insuring that the medicine is at its full potential so that I can continue to win my battle with cancer.  Thank you God for small miracles!