Thursday, May 24, 2012

Finally Relaxing

Gee, it has been a long time since I have felt this good.  Oh was relaxing can do for the body...After a couple months of physical therapy, I am back!  I mean my neck and jaw are back.  My speech pathologist has worked wonders to allow me to have full range of my voice back.  She had me doing exercises with a pinwheel and straw, which sounds ridiculous I know.  The re-training was so needed.

My latest visit proved to be more promising because we may have gotten to another root cause for the length continued pain.  While the Cancer surgeries set all of my tension into motion, the clinching of my jaw is quite possible the reason that the pain continues some four years later.  The Saliva Glands that  run right through the jaw muscles are constantly firing pain signals (caused by the RAI damage resulting in thickening saliva and narrowing tubes).  Those muscles tensing up have me clinching my jaw. My PT suggested a Mayo-Facial Massage Therapist and a Mayo-Facial Pain Specialist (dentist) about TMJ. So, I scheduled both folks.  

The session with the Mayo-facial Massage person was interesting.  At first I thought them holding my head telling me to relax here and there was a joke.  It was not, when I got up from the table - Oh MY what a difference!  I was able to move freely with minor pain.  I figured, we will see if this works well enough when I sleep.  The next morning - no headache, no stiff neck, free range and almost no pain!  Here two days later I have some stiffness (yesterday was a stress filled day), but the range of motion is still there.  I may go back to them.

As for the other specialist, I am set up for next week.  It was a bit funny that I was already seeing someone for the Saliva Gland damage (prescribing evoxac to increase saliva production).  So, why they didn't address the tightness in my jaw causing pain there, I am not quite sure.  I hope that they can identify what I am doing to cause this to continue.  My PT's suggestion of TMJ might mean wearing a plate to keep me from locking the jaw... we shall see.  Until then I am enjoying the ability to turn my neck and relax... ah...