Friday, October 28, 2011

Searching Research & Symptoms

Oddly enough, I still feel well after 6 days on LID and having no Synthroid/Cytomel.  I was so sure that it would have hit me by now, I am almost nervous.  If my blood work in just over a week shows no increase in TSH, I may have to stay on this withdrawal longer.  That is NOT cool!  In the meantime, I have managed to find a few articles and websites for support.  
I have made friends with several of them and some are following this blog now, Thank you.  I will never claim to be an expert.  I am gaining experience just like everyone else.  My story may help you or someone that you know.  So Share :)

The articles that I seek are specific and from medical journal type articles or books.  I have learned much in the jargon from stats to causes and results.  The biggest part about research that you must know is that it is not all disclosed and is sponsored by someone with a vested interest.  The information is useful in the methods that they were performed.  That said, it is fascinating to learn how people find recurrent thyroid cancer and what patients go through to get the all clear again.

I don't know if/when it may/could happen to me; but the studies have shown me that God has his hands in the doctor's abilities to perform the miracles for Him when they do.  My personal situation at present is pain, increasing constant pain in areas that have been shown to have recurrent metastasis.  If a scan/test show something, so be it.  Regardless, God continues to get ALL of my praise, in either case.  It is not about me.  

The research out there shows me how there are others out there that have found the battle short and long.  I have found that some of those fighters did wonderful good for all mankind in their agreement to try new things.  The only thing that is guaranteed is that we ALL die eventually.  You can choose to live dying or to live living.  I chose to share living with others as often as possible.  Where there is a need and an able body, I will carry on.  I plan on being like grandparents (: one set left at 83yrs & 93yrs [miss them], the other set are still kickin' in their 70's :)  I can dream, right?  Only God knows when... 

My Life Resume is not quite finished today; so, I did what I do: grew, listened, researched, loved, helped, learned, taught, laughed, shared, cried, prayed, and praised God for another day!