Monday, October 24, 2011

Ready, Set, Go LID!

Well, day 2 on the Low Iodine Diet (LID). I am doing GRRRR8!  Going to work in my office too (in my house :) I love my job online!!!  Nothing like taking driving away from someone that doesn't have to drive, right?  My husband picked up the "bus" driving duties and I am lovin' that!  Soon the Slo-Mo will set in and I am ready.  I have loads of staples and fruit/veggies.  I have decided that I will do this without meat this time.
I have had no luck finding a butcher that doesn't get pre-packaged meats.  All these stores that cut in front of us, yeah just a front, wow.  I spoke with butchers from Meijer, Walmart, Kroger, and more; sadly, they get there beef cryo-packaged and thus they cannot say whether is has a salt solution or treatment in the meat.  

It turns out most grocers do that.  I was told to go to the cattleman's association.  If I found another family to split a cow, I could get fresh.  Sorry, I don't have a deep freezer folks.  I suppose that I should just raise the cow, chicken, or pig next time.  Anywho, the LID only allows 5 oz a day... I'd have meat forever.

Vegan, it just sounds funny doesn't it?  Like "Hello, I am an alien and your food is not good enough".  Well, I won't go that far.  I love meat (and whole eggs)!  I will miss it like chocolate, sigh.  At least I can still make brownies and cakes from LID safe coco and egg whites.  Speaking of that, I actually tried the eggies and they work great!  It is cool to have "some" protein on a salad.  I even managed my own bread for homemade croutons :)

After all of this searching for "LID safe food", I have learn to love looking at packaging. I figure that if have the ingredients take up most of the nutrition label and most words are unpronounceable... it is bad for anyone, let alone a cancer patient!  I am sticking with actual God grown items and I will be bless and full!  This battle will be like a turtle running a long marathon uphill carrying the hare.  Only God knows the outcome, but His grace is enough.