Thursday, October 20, 2011

HCC Island

Well back on Cytomel. Without Levoxyl, I feel numb and slow. I guess that is better than dumb and slow right?  Oh yeah that is only days away, when everything gets taken away, no medicine, no good food, no driving... So Thank you God for Cytomel!

A while ago, I got to hang out with some ladies from church, we call it "sister time".  It was fun to share with others and hear their lives.  Most days, I actually feel like I am on an island here with this HCC.  This was a place that I could talk about my cancer and what I am and will be going through.  I deeply appreciate this sister time because without having family or close friends to chat with, life with cancer can be hard to cope.  

I live in a small town that doesn't see many thyroid cancer patients.  It is rare that I hear of anyone having to go through withdrawal or this LID, no food thing.  I can only recall one other person in the area in 4 years mentioning having to do this outside of the Internet.  So, I have to tell people how this process works.  I don't know if they always get it or completely grasp what it means to stop your life for a test that could change your life; but, for the most part they realize it is difficult and support is needed.

My biggest challenge isn't so much trying to explain the situation.  That would be wanting to be me and listening to my speech or watching my clumsy body try to function.  And add to that not being able to be mom for my children, tough stuff.  Thankfully, they are a bit older and able to do more but that doesn't take away from being needed.  I am glad to be needed :)

So, next week I will try to put some thoughts together and HOPE that I can go a few days without breaking anything or totally disappointing my kids.  It must be such a bummer to have mom not "DO" or "BE" like mom :\  I am like superman with kryptonite inside me, UGH, ever had one of those days?  Sure hope this flies by :)