Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Trust the Doctor

My visit at the new doctor was excellent.  We (my husband along side) walked in and they nurses knew that we were indeed unusual.  Nothing had changed at that point still nothing to add to the symptoms, just a lump.  The doc walks in and he had no funny business about him.
Within a short time the biopsy was done and I went home wondering.  The doc gave me the low down on stats and tried to assure me that it was probably benign nothing. 

The lady in the next room while I waited scared me into trusting this doc.  She hadn't listened.  He told her that she should have done what he asked and that there was almost nothing that he could do to help her now.  It had only been a month ago she was there.  How sad.  I don't know how it came out there but I knew at that point I would listen to what these folks were saying and take it for the God's honest truth!

I followed up with a couple of phone calls to the office there, just knowing that I was not going to let this be forgotten or mishandled.  Good thing too, the report was that I had Hurthle Cells.  The doctor wanted to schedule surgery.  They said that for this particular cell 19 of 20 are benign and not to worry.  If they see it is malignant in surgery they would get it all.  They new it was small and early.

I researched it and found it to be aggressive type.  The surgery couldn't come soon enough!