Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Original Diagnosis

One fall morning in 2007, I awoke to a really painful, hard to swallow sore throat.  But wait, why does it hurt different?  It doesn't burn.  It's not scratchy.  I can really talk just fine.  There is no fever, what is this?  Why do I have this pain in my neck without regular sore throat pain?

Wow, even a sip of water is NOT a good idea!  Well, maybe it was something I ate, like a allergic reaction.  Okay, this is not going down and I really don't need to go on a diet here.  Well maybe when I go to my allergy shot appointment they can suggest something?

So, I having this trouble swallowing.  I was wonder if I should see the doctor.  Yeah, you'll get him, it could be my thyroid?  No, I have had no other weird symptoms doc.  I guess that I need to just make an appointment, huh.  Oh, an ultra sound really... okay.  Well, it's been like this since this the other morning and I am not really that hungry.  It feels like I have a lump in my throat, is all.

It doesn't bother me to push on it.  I know you can't say anything but I guess the next step is a biopsy, right?  I thought so.  

And with that, I was off to have a REALLY LARGE NEEDLE stuck in my neck.