Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Winning the Battle Without End

Re-Cap: Nov07Goiter+ UltraSound Nodule+, FNA Hurthle Cells+, Dec07 partial TT removing 2.5cm HCC+, Feb08 complete TT, Mar08 RAIabolition101mci, @ 6mo RAI WBS=clear, 1yr RAI WBS=clear,  2yr RAI WBS=clear, & now... 3yr RAI WBS=clear. 

Praise the Lord! I have had no recurrence (No Evidence of Disease or NED ). My next scan should be in 4 yrs. Of course, I must remain...

ever watchful and keenly aware of my situation. I should not neglect any blood work or medications necessary to continue these positive results. None the less, I must say, I am fortunate to have this moment to live more freely without reservation or limitation to travel or occupation. 

Over the last year, I have managed to finish my BS degree while working a full time job and raising 2 extremely engaged teens. People that met me didn't know about my cancer. They saw me working on average 50 hours weekly and applauded me for going back to school. It wasn't until this May when I graduated that they actually understood what I accomplished. Now in June, they too stand in awe of what prayer can do for the soul.

Today, I am trying to unwind from the last two years of go, go go. I need to laugh and realize that I earned Magna Cum Laud (High Honors) and stop kicking myself for that one B. Currently, I am vacationing at home (recovering from the scan week). I am preparing as my eldest is set to enter college and my youngest will go to high school this fall. And while decompressing, I am becoming more grateful and indebted to my husband who kept my spirits up despite all of the struggles. 

Last month, I walked away from a self-created chaos with a paper that states I am capable of finishing something difficult. Cancer does not give me that option. Nothing stamped or signed declares my completion. Yes, periodically, I am given a test that I prepare for and dread like most. Others see my clear scan as remission; yet, Google states it as "a temporary recovery". Frankly, I am here fighting everyday. HCC has no true remission. It is in my DNA; so, I chose to be a survivor. My battle will end someday when God needs me with Him more than I am needed here. And this NED is merely a cap to a long, enduring journey of many short battles against cancer.

Just like you, I am being rejuvenated by reading others' concerns on several cancer boards and blogs. Their battles go on as does mine. Truly, the difference in us all are a person's results. And that is why I post my story. There is hope in hearing from others. Some go on to see the Lord sooner; others question the inevitable fears of pain, suffering, and death. I chose to tell my challenges as battles scars. This disease is my forever. It is here to reveal a God given strength of character. So as you read this story/blog, carry on as I do, with the hope of many good things to come. God willing, I will continue to help diminish the fear of cancer. Thank you and God Bless!