Thursday, June 12, 2014

HCC 6.5yrs later...

Here I go again, mid-LID & losing weight for a scan next week. I am wrapping up my 3yrs hiatus from RAI. I have actually been fortunate not having to go back every few months to check things out with my onco. I find the diet and prep to be less worrisome and more of a burden. The lack of junk food just plain stinks! 

Most people that I run into now don't realize,

I have/had cancer. They are shocked by the notion of it never going away or having to save sick/vacation days at work to be able to "scan". True, looking at me people see a "healthy person". What they fail to realize is that this daily battle has side-effects that people don't like talking about and they're not all dealing with one's health.

I have to say that the toll on families has to be the hardest thing to manage. While other kids are planning a summer vacation to the beach, my children are watching me fix separate meals and snacks so that I don't fall over from lack of sustenance. While other families are relaxing in away from home, we are stuck at home unable to do much with out packing food that is LID safe. 

Yes, for a long term survivor, this testing business is a mere bump in the road; yet, this less traveled path is so often missed by the public at large. I am grateful for the the folks that join me for a LID meal to gain perspective. I appreciate the wait staff at a restaurant who don't dive into the details when I say that I cannot order their food. I am thrilled that my family still has me around to cook for them. And, I am looking forward to next weekend when I get to be free again ;)

God Bless all of you long termers,