Monday, November 7, 2011

Whew, Made it to Tracer Day!

So now on Day 16 of LID and wheewee am I ready for the scan!  Put my new sweatshirt on and the crowd in the Nuclear Department loved it!  I had the folks smiling again. I think that it is great to brighten up such a ho-hum glum room of scared people with a cheery disposition.  I mean, really guys, we have it good... because we know that we have cancer and this is our battle ground to get the chance to beat it!  As long as we follow the LID rules; the pill dose the hard work.  Sometimes I feel like I would like to see how that cell takes the iodine in and WHAM! SPLAT! (like in batman) You are dead cancer cell :)

Tomorrow is step 1 in my 4th RAI scan.  I will know more after chatting with my Oncologist whether he thinks we may dose me high or if he lets me sweat it out one more day.  I just hope not to see the inside of a PET scanner for 3 years!  I am figuring on him saying nothing just to see me sckwerm... The Doctor is a bit cocky but God love him he knows what he is doing.

Anywho, I found a couple things ironic today. The trace dose doc from the Nuc Dept... his name was Dr. Payne.  How funny huh?  I said, You had to go into Medicine right?  He said that is why I introduce myself as Dr. Joe.  Cute :)  I had him laughing too.  Oh and I actually MET a lady with the same rare Hurthle Cell cancer today also.  WOW, nice lady.  Her family in there was pleasant as well.  I hope to get to chat with her more (think I'll give her this blog address).  Maybe, We can keep in touch.

I am feeling pretty strong, just a couple of twinges since the tracer dose.  My throat did start bothering me a bit more afterwards and my salivary glands were kicking my butt too. I don't know if that is a sign or just proof that I am alive :) Who's counting?  I figure it is one more day on this side; So God needs me here for something yet.  

Just loving that this go around, I have been sleeping well enough to actually not see the clock change!  Some folks have all the symptoms.  This time going hypo, I really only have had the pain and tightness when breathing (which actually turned out to be my heart).  When I get back on the Synthroid, I am hoping to have no further issues there.  We shall see soon enough!  I will post results just as soon as I can :)