Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Life's Biggest Little Battle

This month, a man that I will never know died of the disease that I know very well, HCC (Hurthle Cell Carcinoma).  His mark on this Earth is great and felt by many, including me.  What he started with his wife impacted my knowledge of the disease.  His beginnings provided encouragement to the fact that others where in the same place even miles apart.
 While that may not comfort some after all it is cancer, it assures me that efforts to learn more and seek others with the same issues is an honorable thing.  Learn more about this man, Learn more about his life,

Fear comes in all shapes and sizes.  Some fear creatures.  Others fear things.  Fear is a big battle; I know that it is really small because I trust God. This internet world has giving me much peace of mind.  I hope to pass on my experience so that others know God is in HCC.