Friday, August 19, 2011

Getting Down to Setting Up

So I have been set up for a while to get "the shot" and keep on keepin on, right?  That was until thyrogen wasn't available in the US.  What?  
Yes, the doctor was having to reschedule all of his patients because the pharmacuetical company cannot get the goods to the cancer patients.  I was heartbroken to learn that my scan had to be moved.
I have committed myself to so many things with my sons and work.  It pains me to consider having to get off the medicine and not drive all over again.  It is hard enough to not be able to think clearly and manage to feed yourself almost nothing, but knowing that you have to rework your life around someone (or some companies error) well, it just goes to show that God is in control.  
I may not like the idea but somewhere someone is going to have to do the complete withdrawl and it could make all the difference in finding the cancer to save there life.  I guess that I could be that person too.  It is really difficult to grasp that God knew this and he wills this for good.
So, now I am set up for November.  Whew, that is a cold month here in Kentucky.  Just perfect for being off the medicine and becoming intolerant to the cold, huh.  Guess I need to plan for extra propane in the gas logs :) 
On the up side of things, I have gotten back on the blog and research kick.  I have found two HCC survivors in the last three week when I hadn't found any in the last three years.  I know, it was part of His plan.  Funny, I have had the cancer the longest of the others.  
I guess now I need to set a new goal, I want to beat the odds.  If 85% of stage 2 (like me) go 5 yrs and less go 10 yrs... I want to be the one that raises the percentage and increases the years.  I want to see my 50th wedding annivesary. I wonder if God would help me out there... I promise to do my part :)
The prep is set and now it is time to sit an wait.  God willing in 3 months, I just might get to go 3 years without scanning, Whoopie!  I need to get working on my Happy Dance!