Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Relief At Last

My health was good but slowly getting worse with more stress at work and unforeseen changes.  I ended up leaving the job I loved.  I turned to fix my health and my well being.

The eye specialist saw me and agreed that my ducts needed to be opened.  He attempted to flush them in the office with no sedation.  Nope, just stuck the large gauge syringe in my tear duct and made saline rush down my face. OUCH!@&$# He said to give it a day or so and call him back if the flush didn't work, it would mean surgery... 

Well, you guessed it, I needed surgery.  I was scheduled and sedated.  I woke up with these clear tubes in my eyes.  Even more OUCH would be had for 6 weeks.  Every Blink or turn too far by my eyeballs made it hurt.  But nothing felt better than the follow up when the doctor snipped and tugged the tubes through (get this) my nose!  I know gross, huh :) But, it worked, no more watery eyes or tearing while driving.

As for the salivary specialist, well that was much less painful.  I went in and told them my issues.  They observed obvious teeth damage and the salivary gland swelling.  I was given two prescriptions to try.  WOW, after using the prescribed toothpaste, the damage to my teeth was gone.  And taking yet another pill actually my glands produce more saliva with one minor side effect (sweating)... but who cared the pain was much less severe.  On my next visit, I had a "spit test" and failed miserably.  They increased my dosage.  I went back again and I passed the spit test!  And the pain was nearly gone!  As long as I took the pill, the glands were forced to produce the saliva and my teeth and digestion are on track.

So much success and relief is wonderful.  The good Lord knows that I don't like taking medicine and now I have more, yeah :\  If only, I could sing again without pain, sigh...