Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bigger and Better

So what do you do when you don't have to scan...  LIVE!  I started working at home as a virtual assistant for a friend.  I am spending more time with my children and even have a dog.  I am on Facebook and Blogging.
My life now is filled with church activities like building sets for VBS, co-narrating cantatas, co-leading small groups, and even chaperoning Kids Camp!  I am attending even more of my kids concerts, football, baseball, track, soccer, and more.  I am there when the people need me.  I am healing indeed.  

My next scan is 2 months away.  Only God knows what it will bring, but I can say without a doubt that life is better today than I was.  Yes, I am saying that I am living better with cancer than I was without it.  Before cancer, God tried to get through to me that I was here for Him, I just didn't get it.  Now, my life with cancer is for God, not for others or myself.  

Cancer took my energy to go nonstop, my comfort with my body, my abilities to perform, and my freedom to do anything I wanted.

Cancer gave me my focus on my family, my drive to show others God's love, my talents to see His works become reality, and my reliance on God in everything.

Yes, Cancer changed my perspective.  When I lose sight of God's will for me, He reigns me in.  All my doubts and fears were heard.  My blessings poured down on me through cancer, in the every trials, and with each answered prayer.  God willing, I will be blogging again...