Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Second Go Around

The plan was simple no pill, no driving, no good food, and no cancer, right?  Well in a nutshell, yes.  I grew my own garden and became quite the green thumb.  The 6 month scan was nearly the same as the first.  The nuclear medicine team was the same and I felt more comfortable.  In fact, the waiting room became like a new family.  
We laughed about the bad food, learned who had what kind, and how long they had it.  We even shared our harsh doctor stories, thus discovering that we all had the same doctor.  It was like we were old war buddies that were catching up on old times.

My last day of the scan week, I brought a hostess cupcake to eat in the hallway, just to indulge when my scan came out clean and I didn't need the abolition treatment.  Thankfully, it was, YEAH!  My husband and I headed to Shoney's afterwards.  It was such a good place to be.  To know that the surgery and radiation did what it was supposed to do.  I was cleared for one whole year!  And that next one, I would even get the option of "the shot", which is to say that I wouldn't have to stop the synthroid or driving.  I could work through the scans and talk normally.  I could actually drive myself to the appointments.  

Life was good (except for jaw pain).  I was happy to be called NED (no evidence of disease).